COOS(ChaoSuan) unveils IoT Killer Platform-COOS IoT Ecosystem

Chinese Internet Company ShenZhen ChaoSuan Science and Development Co.,Ltd(COOS Inc.), unveils the open-ended closed-loop IoT Ecosystem – COOS(Clever Object Open System) today. COOS( combines a platform with IoT development Kit, Online E-Commerce Portal, CooSChain(customized blockchain) based COOSCoin, Big Data Analytics Tools, and Ad Engine for IoT devices. COOS( combines a platform with IoT development Kit, […]

COOS Inc. and AUK(DALIAN) Signing Ceremony

Shenzhen COOS Co.,Ltd. and KODENSHI AUK(DALIAN) Co.,Ltd. has successfully held the signing ceremony in Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong province on Feb 16, 2017. Mr. Nail Ding,COO of COOS Inc.,Mr. Shin Dongcun, General Manager of KODENSHI AUK(DALIAN) Co.,Ltd., and Mr. Kim il, Marketing Manager of KODENSHI AUK(DALIAN) Co.,Ltd. attended the ceremony and signed the contract. About KODENSHI […]

COOS.AI releases COOSPAY-Universal Electronic and Cryptocurrency Payment Solution

The COOSPAY Universal Electronic and Cryptocurrency Payment Solution is an integrated payment system developed by COOS Inc. ( It supports both electronic and cryptocurrency payments including Alipay, WeChat Pay, Paypal, Bitpay, Union Pay, Credit Card, Bitpay, BTC Direct Transfer, and ETH Direct Transfer etc. It is expanding very quickly to cover the other cryptocurrencies. As […]

Why the Breakthrough of Blockchains may be ‘Blockchainless’

Alexander Renz, June 25,2017, Blockchains, or more generally, Distributed Ledger Technologies have a huge role to play in the future of mobility. With the advent of connected autonomous vehicles as well as the rise of electric mobility and shared usage models, Distributed Ledger Technologies and the future of mobility is a perfect match. It is […]

Its time to embrace blockchainless architecture

Blockchain limitations Blockchain was innovated back to 1991 by Stuart Haber and W. Scott Stornetta. Since then Blockchain has been developing rapidly and embraced by the community. However, Blockchain technologies have inherent limitations. Difficult to scale. Computing power is becoming more centralized(China owns almost 51% of Bitcoin). Increasing Transaction fees As I’ve explained in the other […]

What is blockchainless

Due to the inherent limitations in the blockchain technologies, it lacks of real-time validation of transactions, and has the scalability issues. Transaction costs can vary from time to time, and therefore undermine business models in the Internet of Things. In order to solve these problems, the blockchainless architecture is invented. Blockchainless is referring to “Blockchain without […]