COOS.AI is launching revolutionary decentralized IoT Data Assets Eco powered by AI and Blockchainless

The rapid development and expanding of the Internet of Things have ignited the storing, sharing and trading needs for IoT resources, data and equipment etc. is now launching a revolutionary platform in 2017 Q4 which provides a decentralized solution for IoT data, and meets the demand for the interoperability and sharing of every technological resource in an IoT system.

With COOS, companies can explore unprecedented new business models as COOS makes every resource in an IoT system as a service to be traded on COOS markets at real time without any transaction fees powered by the COOS ledger.

COOS has implemented the tokenized data exchange protocols with which the device and data sharing markets in the COOS eco could support secure and fast data exchange. Every user can share, buy, rate, and even invest in the IoT resource.

In summary, COOS not only provides a secure, efficient and cost-effective decentralized data storage solution for IoT, but also creates a universal, transparent, and open marketplace for all companies to get authenticated data securely. It could facilitate the development process of the companies on the AI products with the data and bring the products out much faster.

COOS Innovations

There are several significant innovations in the COOS:

  • Blockchainless

COOS implemented an Blockchainless architecture to securely store the IoT data in decentralized COOSBLOCKs. COOS solves the mining issue so the data can be exchanged very fast with no fee.


  • No Mining

COOS removed the mining issue so the data can be exchanged very fast with no fee.



COOS provides an integrated payment COOSPAY, which supports both traditional payment methods like Paypal, Credit Card, Alipay, Wechat pay etc., and cryptocurrencies payment including BTC and ETH. It can be easily integrated with IoT systems to accept payments using any of the payment methods above.

  • COOS Eco

COOS is a very comprehensive eco system as well as a very user-friendly open environment which has rich APIs, documentations and community support.

  • Data Trading and Investing

COOS implemented a very creative way to trade the data. The device and data sharing market makes the trading of the device and data as easy as stock.

COOS dynamically calculates the score of each resource and adjusts the prices according to the AI algorithms and market trend. Investors of the data assets can get revenues when the demand and price of the data assets increase.

  • Universal Currency

COOS has taken a unique approach to turn COOSBLOCK storing IoT data assets into universal currency. The value of each COOSBLOCK increases when more data assets are stored in the COOS chain making every user an investor of the COOS.



  • COOS Dev Board

COOS provides a dev board named COOS A1 which seamlessly supports COOS allowing the developers to easily explore the power of COOS.

COOS has also developed and patented a highly secure encryption algorithms and transfer protocols for IoT systems for COOS A1. With this patent, COOS A1 could transfer massive data securely with minimum impact on the performance of embedded system and network.

COOS Dev Board

Technologies behind COOS

COOS Eco integrates IoT, Mobile Computing, Cloud Computing, Big Data, AI and Blockchain technologies etc.

  • COOS Ledger

Based on the Blockchainless architecture, the COOS ledger makes the transactions between COOSBLOCKs instantly without any transaction fees.

It stores all the data from sensors and components securely on decentralized COOSBLOCKs and verified on the ledger.


COOSTACK consists of a series of layers from physical layer to Eco layer, which makes COOS a backbone of the IoT systems, a global marketplace for valuable data assets, and an open environment for the developers to easily create DAPPs for IoT.


Industrial Solutions-COOSLIGHT

COOSLIGHT smart street light solution is completely built upon COOS. The data from the street light sensors and components like security camera are verified by the COOS ledger and stored in COOSBLOCKs.

While providing a decentralized data storage solutions, COOS also empowers the city managers to keep snapshots of the city data as well as many other powerful features including remote light control and equipment monitoring etc.


About COOS Inc.

COOS Inc.( is a very creative and innovative IoT and Fintech company located in Shenzhen, China. It has international offices in the United States and Hong Kong. COOS Inc. is member of Linux Foundation, CNCF, and Hyperledger.


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