COOS.AI releases COOSPAY-Universal Electronic and Cryptocurrency Payment Solution

The COOSPAY Universal Electronic and Cryptocurrency Payment Solution is an integrated payment system developed by COOS Inc. (

It supports both electronic and cryptocurrency payments including Alipay, WeChat Pay, Paypal, Bitpay, Union Pay, Credit Card, Bitpay, BTC Direct Transfer, and ETH Direct Transfer etc. It is expanding very quickly to cover the other cryptocurrencies.

As more and more companies and developers join the force of IoT and Blockchain development,  the number of DAPPs(Decentralized Application) is rapidly expanding.

At present, one of the core challenges in this field is the need to solve the problem of automatic transaction and automatic data sharing between devices. The traditional way is to get cryptocurrency from a third-party platform, which poses a very steep learning curve to familiarize the usually complex APIs. At the same time, the complexity of the cryptocurrency payment process makes the development difficulty and user experience low.


COOSPAY provides a brand new solution, with which the development company and geeks can just use the traditional electronic payment APIs such as Alipay, WeChat, Paypal, etc., without having to bother with the complexity of cryptocurrency in the development of DAPP applications. It substantially reduces the development threshold and enhances the user experience.

While COOSPAY is a perfect solution for DAPP, it can also be easily integrated with traditional websites, APP, POS, and IoT to provide a wider range of payment options.

COOSPAY is also the fundamental payment solution for COOS Eco. The built-in microtransactions can provide payment solutions for the sharing and trading of devices, data and services in an IoT system.

For more information about COOSPAY, please send email to

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